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Hello friends, today I'm going to tell you about a detective thriller by German director Steven Manuel called Iron Doors.

From the first frames the film will capture the attention of fans of pictures about confined spaces and survival alone.

At first it seems to be a copy of famous films of this genre, but then it turns out that the director gives something new, minimalism, two actors, three rooms and absolutely unpredictable future and just a fantastic ending.

A young man wakes up in a strange room, he has a headache and this leads the hero to the conclusion that he should stop drinking.

When he smells something unpleasant, he turns his head and sees a dead rat, which instantly kicks out sleep from him and he jumps up from the floor.

Looking around, the young man realizes that he is locked in an almost empty room, with closed locker only.

He rushes to the huge safe door and tries to turn the closing lever, but he can't even move it.
He's annoyed, he thinking that someone making silly jokes on him, but he has to go to work, because he could get fired for being late.

Turning on the phone, he is again disappointed, there is no connection, he does not understand where he is and starts to explore the locker, then he tries to find the video camera, behind which are clearly hiding those who prank him so, sitting by the wall, he dreams of how to deal with pranksters.

Time goes on and nothing happens, then man starts to realize, he will miss the whole day, also he is thirsty and starving.

He tries call someone, but useless.

The second day of confinement comes, he looks around, the door, the locker, the rat, everything is in place, the phone still not working.

Out of anger, he hits the lamp on the celling, after watching it wobble, he sees a key inside, which he takes out by knocking the lamp off the ceiling.

He understands that the key fits to the locker, inside he finds construction tools.

Taking a chisel and hammer, he tries to open the door, but it fails.

It Turns out that there are more interesting things in the locker, he manages to assemble a blowtorch by aiming the fire at the fire detector, the man waits for water to come out of it, but it does not, then he pushes the torch toward the door and tries to burn it, but nothing comes out.

Eventually he realizes, this is reality and he needs to think it over well, someone put him here, there's electricity but no water and no sounds.

Someone wants him to die a slow and painful death, so he have to get out.

He takes a chisel and a hammer and starts hitting the wall, even though he hits his hand from time to time, things move slowly but surely.

Finally he brakes a hole in the wall, then he expands it enough to get into the next room with the same steel door, but in this room, instead of the iron locker in the corner, there is a coffin, the man comes to it, he hopes very much that the coffin is empty, armed with a chisel, he lifts the lid.

Inside lies a young woman in an exotic outfit and when the man decides she is dead, the girl jumps up screaming wildly, the problem is that she doesn't speak English and people don't understand each other.
The scared girl climbs into the room from which the man came, but he stays in her room, and after laying in the coffin, the man starts laughing hysterically, everything will be fine, they will get married and sleep in this coffin.

The third day of confinement, the girl goes back to her room and wakes up the man who had fallen asleep in the coffin, she gives him a hammer and he asks her which way they will break through, the girl points to the wall and he starts to break threw with the last breath, he tries to remember how he got here, but only remembers how he was going to the bar, remembers the car, wondering who took it and where, and thats it next just darkness, who could have arranged it?

The girl also tries to realize what has happened, she was supposed to be at the wedding, her mother will be very upset, what is this creepy magic, she does not even know if she is still in Africa, and where is this man from, why is she here, is not enough suffering in her life?

The man picks up his chisel again and begins to sing, the girl looks at him with a smile, but his strength is less and less, and he asks her to sing for him, the girl begins to sing something rhythmic and he hits the wall to her accompaniment and hits his arm again, the girl takes off her turban and bandages his hurted hand, he takes the chisel with his other hand and she strikes it and suddenly they hear the sound of the lock opening, but as the men rush to the door, it's closing again, they take up their work again, but as soon as they turn their backs to the door, the lever closes again, the man realizes that they musn't look at it and then they get to the door with their backs to it without looking at the lever, the door opens and they find themselves in the third room.

In the middle of the room is dugged hole and man realizes that this is for them, he thinks that now it's time to dig, but in witch direction?

The girl reminds of a door that opened when they didn't look at it, maybe here will be the same?

They begin to dig, but the lever remains fixed, they keep digging until the man loses his strength completely, he blames himself for sitting around the whole first day, he has lost all chances, now neither food or water will help him, and he suddenly realizes that maybe he should eat the girl and then he will be released, but he will never do that, the man cries, the girl comforts him, she helps to get him out of the pit, he wonders why she cares about him, he falls asleep and she asks God why is this happening to them, and then she comes to the man and hugs him.

Completely exhausted, they fall asleep right on the floor, he notices that the girl is shivering, out of his last strength, he gets to the room with the coffin, shrugs off the upholstery and covers her, then he lies down next to her and prepares to die, and suddenly the lever of the iron door starts moving again, the door opens, and next to them appears an amazing, fabulous world, with a crystal clear river and tall trees, holding hands together they go forward.

The fending of the film surprised many viewers, if this is a thriller and someone was just messing with people, then why haven't they found that someone, however, we can look at the picture on the other hand, what if the characters of the film are already dead from the first minutes of the film and the viewer watches on their souls caught in the purgatory, throughout the film they were tested, to finally understand where they should be already sent.

However, the ending was left open and everyone can offer their own interpretation of the picture.
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"Iron Doors" April 24, 2010

Directed by Steven Manuel

Country - Germany

Budget - *unknown*

Box office - $38 457

IMDB rate - 4,4/10


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